Pennine Lancashire SCITT

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

We can all harbour doubts about how secure our subject knowledge is, especially if it is a while since we graduated, but this needn’t necessarily hold you back from applying for teacher training in maths, physics, biology, chemistry, computing, or English. You may still be able to train to teach these subjects by building up or refreshing your existing knowledge with a SKE course.
We ask the vast majority of the trainees we recruit to join an SKE course (available for all of our courses with the exception of history), as we feel that they benefit enormously from them, so our places are usually conditional upon doing an SKE course.
SKE courses can be perfect for building confidence in subject knowledge when;
your degree wasn’t in your chosen subject, but is closely related

you studied the subject at A level, but not at university

you would benefit from a short refresher course in your chosen subject


Delivery of SKE courses

Last year nearly 40% of trainees in eligible subjects completed additional subject training to enable them to start teacher training. Most people do a short course lasting up to 12 weeks immediately before the start of their course. If your degree is not in the subject you want to teach, you may be asked to do a longer course of up to 28 weeks to ensure you have the subject knowledge you need. SKE courses are fully funded, so you won’t have to pay any tuition fees.

SKE programmes are available all over England at universities, schools, or third parties. They can be completed before, or alongside some or all of your teacher training and are available full-time or part-time, classroom-based or on-line.

The SKE directory sets out what is currently provided. If you feel that you would benefit from SKE, please contact the universities or schools you are interested in doing your teacher training at and ask them about their SKE offer.